Technologies used

4 essential tools

Operating characteristics

The most desirable in a mature and evolved system

Unlimited phone numbers

The switchboard works with a single number for everyone together with the different numbers with which each group wishes to work.

Simultaneous calls

No limit on simultaneous calls, each taxi driver can receive 1 call at a time, so there will not be a single call waiting to be answered.

Numerical discrimination

The system is capable of distributing clients by discrimination of the called number, each group with its clients and, if necessary, sharing them with the rest.

Independent service distribution

Each group chooses how they want to deliver the services, by proximity, by language spoken, by demanded extras.


You can work with different groups and municipalities, if a taxi driver from another area marks a free service, he goes to the municipality where the service has been marked by GPS position.

Differentiated GPS positioning

The location system differentiates between the GPS position of the driver and that of the vehicle.

Various interfaces available

The driver can decide which interface to use to communicate with the system, through Telegram, Web or phone call.

Full control over your vehicle

The OBD-II device is connected to the vehicle's control unit and records information about driving the vehicle.


The OBD-II device is connected to the taximeter and registers the situation of the taxi, so that the driver's interaction with the system can be minimal.

Protection against anonymous numbers

If a client calls with a hidden or anonymous number, it notifies him and does not let him continue.

Protection against unwanted calls

Drivers, announcers or administrators can mark a number as spam and it will not bother you anymore.

Error tolerant

A multitude of possible changes are taken into account, such as a lost service, vehicle failure, customer recall, etc.

You can incorporate speakers

An external switchboard can be used to receive calls and pass them to the system via Telegram or Web.


The system identifies the prefix of the calling number and acts according to the established programming.



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